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About Us

This is a community specifically designed for residents of specific cities who want to share items they no longer need with others who could benefit from them. It’s a platform for giving and receiving. This group was inspired by the efforts of and the freecycle ideology.

This group is open to everyone, irrespective of their financial status. Whether you’re well-off but willing to embrace pre-owned items, we appreciate your choice and express gratitude for your willingness to accept and utilize these products from fellow members.

The ETHOS of the group 

Why did we create this group

We formed this group with a clear and compassionate vision in mind. Our primary aim is to declutter our lives, moving away from the habit of hoarding and embracing a more minimalistic approach. We believe in the profound joy that comes from the act of giving, not just in decluttering physical spaces but in enriching emotional and community bonds. By passing on what we no longer need, we contribute to environmental sustainability, preventing usable items from ending up in landfills. Importantly, this group is inclusive; the items we share are for anyone interested, without any labels of needy or deserving. We are here to promote generosity and mindfulness in consumption for everyone's benefit.

What People Say about the Group

Dr. Kavita Chandiramani

Kavita was seeking to give away her late mother-in-law's marble 'Mandir' and she felt the ease and satisfaction of finding a new home for the item through the group.

She shared the adverse effects of consumerism and hoarding on mental and physical health.

She highlights the environmental and societal benefits of the GSA group, which promotes the reuse and meaningful utilization of items, reducing waste and environmental impact.

Groups we manage

Mumbai vs India Group

Multiple Groups for practical reasons

Why did we establish two distinct groups: one for all of India and another exclusively for Mumbai? The Mumbai-specific group serves primarily for those who prefer not to undertake the effort of packaging the item. Additionally, there are differences in the logistics service providers recommended for each group. For Mumbai, we suggest using WEFAST and PORTER, whereas for pan-India deliveries, Delhivery is recommended.

Give Stuff Away for FREE (India)
Started in Dec 2023

Use the Delhivery App as it allows Receiver to pay

Give Stuff Away for FREE (Mumbai)
Started in 2015

Use the WEFAST or Porter App as it allows Receiver to pay on receipt


1. Only posts for free offers and requests are permitted.
2. Please refrain from offering payments when making a request.
3. Avoid requesting money when sharing items you want to give away.
4. Do not solicit donations within the community.
5. Please refrain from posting festival greetings.
6. Do not engage in any form of self-promotion, including advertising personal products, services, other Facebook groups or other organizations.
7. Discussions and opinions are not permitted except for posts Note from the Admin.
8. If you have any questions, need to report issues, or wish to express concerns, please contact the admin.
9. All Posts are held for approval.
10. The administrators are available to provide assistance. However, engaging in disruptive behavior or making unreasonable demands will result in your removal from the group.

!!! WARNING !!!

Do not use the name of this community to ask other members for Money.
If you are reported, you will be banned permanently with no option to come back.
If you wish to report such people, please do and help to keep this group clean.


When offering an item, enhance your post with a photo or video of the item you’re giving away.

Be transparent about the condition of the item. If it needs repairs or is broken, please mention it so potential recipients can make an informed decision about whether they want to invest time, effort, or money in collecting it.

Specify the pickup location by mentioning landmarks, areas, suburbs, or neighbourhoods. Keep in mind that it’s unlikely someone will travel a significant distance to collect the item.

If you have an item at home that you’re willing to give away, simply inform the interested person where they can pick it up.

We recommend giving priority to the person who is ready to collect the item first. Just because someone expressed interest doesn’t guarantee they’ll collect it immediately.

If you find that there is no interest in something you intended to give away, it’s likely that nobody actually wants it. In such cases, consider offering it to someone in need, like a charitable organization. If you believe that people might have overlooked your post and would appreciate a repost within the group, kindly wait for two days before doing so.

Once a person collects the item you posted to give away, please edit your post and mention it has been taken by ____ (name of the person) and turn off comments to ensure people don’t keep asking if it is still available.

Before handing over mobile devices, please make sure to reset the phone. We cannot provide assistance with recovering items that have been given away, as it is your responsibility to ensure their proper preparation.


If you are making a request for something, mention the area you are willing to travel or book a WEFAST to have it picked up. For the India group, use Delhivery App as it allows receivers to pay for the pickup.

If you’ve received an item from someone in less than ideal condition, it’s important to remember that the giver likely didn’t intend to provide you with something subpar. While you have the option to communicate your concerns to the giver, it might be a more practical approach to consider giving the item to a scrap dealer and moving on, even if you’ve invested some money in getting it picked up from the giver.

Avoid requesting the sender to arrange courier services. If you’re interested in an item, take the initiative to use a service like WEFAST (Now known as Borzo Delivery) or Porter to arrange pickup from the giver.

Don’t expect others to go out of their way to source or deliver items to you.

If you’ve requested an item and received no response, it may be because no one in the group currently has what you’re looking for or is willing to part with it. Don’t be disheartened; you can repost your request after two days. New members join the group regularly, so stay positive, and avoid daily reposts. Remember, patience and respect for others in the group go a long way. Take it easy and try again when the time is right.

If someone has posted a request and someone else has generously offered to fulfill it in the comments, please refrain from asking the person to give it to you instead. Consider creating your own separate request post to avoid any misunderstandings or conflicts.

Kindly refrain from pressuring individuals who are generously offering items for free for additional items. If the giver reports any instances of such behavior by providing us with screenshots of such messages, it will result in your removal from the group. 

No Barter, No Lending, No Exchanging

No Barter, No Lending, No Exchanging

This group is exclusively for offering items at no cost. Posts suggesting barter, trade, or loans in exchange for items will not be permitted. Additionally, requests for items with the intention to return them will also be rejected. Our community is strictly about free sharing without expectation of compensation or return.

No Judgement

Engaging in any form of public shaming within the group will result in a ban.

We maintain a strict zero-tolerance policy against individuals who use the group as a platform to shame, pass judgment, or be offensive to others publicly.

If you have reservations or critical thoughts, kindly refrain from expressing them in the comments and keep them to yourself.

Avoid making sarcastic remarks in response to any member’s posts or comments.

Liking such sarcastic remarks will also lead to a ban.

Please abstain from passing judgment in the comments section, and instead, if you have concerns or suggestions regarding the group’s management, reach out directly to the Admin.

Should you encounter any issues with someone, be it trouble, harassment, or disturbance via private or direct messages, kindly share screenshots with the Admin so that he can address the matter appropriately.

Help the Admin

If you notice anyone not following the group guidelines, please consider sharing the guidelines with them by providing the link. If they do not respond to your guidance, take the following steps: Click or tap the three dots located next to the post or comment, and select the “Report to Admin” option. 

Should you have any suggestions or feedback, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the group administrator.

We host a WhatsApp group known as “GSA Helpers.” If you’re interested in becoming part of this group, click here to see if you quality. The GSA Helpers group comprises enthusiastic members who assist the Admin in vigilantly monitoring and reporting any inappropriate or problematic posts within the main group. This proactive approach ensures that such issues are addressed promptly, as the group administrator may not always catch them all. 

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