GSA Helpers

GSA stands for "Give Stuff Away," and GSA Helpers are individuals who are passionate, motivated, and deeply committed to the idea of Give Stuff Away. They actively engage in administrative tasks to sustain and nurture these groups, making them the essential pillars of our community.

GSA Helpers

Are you interested in becoming a GSA Helper?

First and foremost, I want to express my sincere gratitude for your willingness to contribute. Your desire to volunteer your time and effort to help maintain a clean and safe environment for our group is highly valued. 

To become a GSA Helper, there are a few requirements:

  • Familiarize yourself with our guidelines by clicking here. Take the time to thoroughly read and understand every line and watch any accompanying videos.
  • Technological proficiency is essential. You should be capable of sharing links to posts that require moderation, enabling me to address them promptly. For more information, please watch this instructional video.
  • Ensure you have WhatsApp installed, as this will facilitate communication and collaboration within the group.
  • I recommend watching the movie "12 Angry Men" in English or "Ek Ruka Hua Faisla" in Hindi. If the concepts presented in the film resonate with you, it indicates a good fit for our team.
  • To efficiently reply to people, I recommend installing Phrase Express. Click here to watch a tutorial. For Mac users, you can use the built-in feature Text Keyboard Shortcuts. Click here to watch a tutorial for the same.
  • You will need to install Zoom so you can attend the meetups to discuss issues and improvements of the group
  • You will need an app Lightshot to copy screenshots of specific posts to send to people who violate the Guidelines.

Please note that inactive GSA Helpers are periodically removed from the group. This isn't a judgment but rather a commitment to keeping our team engaged and productive. If your schedule doesn't allow for active participation now, you can always reach out in the future to rejoin when you have more availability. 

Schedule Appointment

Once you've reviewed the requirements, feel free to schedule a meeting with me on Zoom. I look forward to connecting with you and potentially welcoming you to our team.